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Colleagues, friends:

When the time footsteps coming into the 2015, Chinese, economy has been quietly into the new "inflection point" phase, housing slump, a large number of foreign divestment, Taiwan enterprises, make we face, the economic situation more complex. Facing this challenge, in the company's core team lead, our staff did not flinch, summarizes enterprise of various internal and external factors, firm in the face of the crisis resolution, crisis make us work harder, building the group always, everywhere manifested the tolerant, understanding, cooperation, efficiency. Because we believe that opportunities and challenges coexist. We have no reason to forget, every silent contribution youth and sweat of the people, it is your pay, party a company today's success.

Recalling the past, ten years, passing of night, we succeeded, failed, but never give up. Through the years of gradual adjustment of industrial structure. From the new established enterprise organizational structure, new have better troops and simpler administration, business process more smooth, concise, efficient department. Strengthen the enterprise's core values, emphasizing the innovation is the motivity of enterprises sustainable development; to determine the photoelectric display materials and electronic film for enterprise development direction in the future, off several prospect twisted project, broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure, reduce the burden of enterprises, make enterprises gradually came out from the bottom, which has a very important strategic significance on the future development of the wfoe.

Stand in a new starting point, we know we have a long way to go, but we are full of confidence. There is no royal road to development. Innovation is endless. The past, we make concerted efforts, to tide over the difficulties, to win initial success. Today, the new enterprise development has sounded the horn. I believe, TSINQ people will in a more tenacious will, more confidence, more scientific methods, improve TSINQ cause a new point of view, write a new chapter in the history of TSINQ TSINQ development, realize new leap!